About Me... (us)

We've been adventuring since day 1 & day 1 was a long time ago! What started as a 'hobby' for us has become a whole blog & lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Missy & he's Floyd!
and yes, I cut my hair long before these #treehouseShenanigans


What Ms Sassy Travels (& my Mr Sassy Travels) Does

We’re a working, ‘long time’ married couple who loves to travel to different & unique places, while hopefully inspiring ppl to do the same.  

So we created this site to share our travel shenanigans & a few tips that started way back when!

It’s a travel diary of sorts, too!

We’ve had some fancy & sassy getaways, then some that weren’t so sassy or fancy after all!

Look @ this pic again!  Doesn’t he just look like he could be my ‘Mr Sassy Travels’?! 🤨

😂 Well………………….      

We’ve raised 3 awesome children, it’s #ourTime, & we’re gonna do it ’til we can’t do it ‘no more’!

Looking forward to the day when we become…



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