We weren’t misbehaving, we were working(ish), lol!!  It was definitely time for a quiet respite from our day to day as it had been 2.5mos since our last ‘real’ vacation.  I work in a super stressful environment (that I still love!), Floyd has a stressful job &  he’s also the primary caregiver for his feeble father who resides with us.  So every couple of months of so, we try to ‘run away’ & escape the ordinary!  + we’d never been to the mountains in the spring or summer!



Because we DID run away to the woods!


For us, it’s either tropical beaches or the mountains!  Obviously we can’t get tropical beaches all the time, so then we’ll take a short jaunt to an interesting US city OR to the mountains.  We love the mountains & prefer ‘secluded’ cabins!  The higher up on ‘the hill’, the better!  AND darky, twisty roads with no street lights that lead to a secluded cabin are a must, lol!  Floyd can navigate the heck out of some dark & twisty mountain roads!  But this time, he was driving a little too fast up the gravel road that lead to ‘Miss Bee Haven‘, smh.  I was trying to work on the website while we were riding, & my stuff kept sliding & falling all over the place while going-up the giant hill!  


I found ‘Miss Bee Haven’ on Airbnb, thought it was super cute & a unique stay.  Not too long after booking, the owner sent a message to say that they’d put an outdoor tub on the deck!  (I still forgot my super bubbly bubble bath tho’!)   If you notice, the description for the cabin says that you must have a 4×4 or All Wheel Drive vehicle & we had neither…  The description also has a pic that shows bobcats  


Photo Cred: Miss Bee Haven owner.                     We saw NO BOBCATS. I was very disappointed!


I then thought about Turo car rental company where you can search for the type of car you want to rent & rent vehicles from random people.  We call them ‘randos’, lol.  You can even rent Tesla’s, too… #notInterested.  I know it sounds sketchy, but Turo is legit & this was the 2nd time we’d done a rental.  The 1st time we rented Slingshots for another mountain adventure.  We picked up our 4×4 Jeep from a man in Chapel Hill.  The cool thing about Turo is that you don’t  have to meet the person, it’s all contactless!  (we did for the Slingshots since they were specialty rides & you have to wear helmets that were provided)  We set a time & picked-up from his apartment complex.  He’d sent me a message (thru the Turo app) on the afternoon of pick-up to say that the vehicle was backed-up & ready in a parking spot by the pool.  Strange, because our only previous rental with Turo was an in person meeting & that was @ the height of the pandemic!  We had no idea that the car would be left unlocked with the key in a ‘key box‘ in the driver’s side door panel.  So when he told me that, I messaged him back & said something like ‘Huh, what do you mean.  How does that work?’, lol.  He then came out to briefly tell us about this & where to leave the key when we returned the vehicle.  He was super nice & we only spoke for about 3min max!  


The listing was for a 2020 Jeep 4×4.  It was super clean with air freshners & no damage @ all.  He’d even left phone chargers in the dash.  So we had our needed vehicle & it drove very well.  Upon return, we’d washed (not required), gassed-up & returned it to the same spot.  I then messaged him to let him know where the vehicle was parked & where the key box was.  DONE!  Another super easy & successful Turo rental!



I’d been so busy leading up to the day that we left, that I actually didn’t check to see how far the cabin was from us.   I knew it was in Brevard, NC, but assumed it wouldn’t take any longer than 4-4.5hrs.  Wrong!  It was close to 5hrs away!  We knew from previous experience that we ALWAYS need to get up a mountain to a cabin BEFORE DARK, so we’d planned to leave @ 12p.  12p turned into a 3:05 departure, smh.  Once we put the address into our beloved app, Waze, that was when we knew that we could only stop once & that was for gas.  Sheesh, because we’d also wanted to stop @ Ingles (mountain grocery stores, lol – bc I’ve only seen them in mountain towns!), & get a few groceries. 



Floyd drove & listened out for ‘police reported ahead‘ that Waze pretty accurately notifies you of like a mile in advance, so you’ve got plenty of time to slow down!  Which is the main reason why I love ❤ Waze!



When we were getting closer & going up the mountain, it turned to a twilight darkness & the gravel road became twisty.  It was almost dark & thank goodness we were close as we hate getting there when it’s pitch black.  We like it, but we hate it!  And as my mom would say… ‘It ain’t safe!’  Though it was a ‘twilight darkness’, we still had a little trouble trying to find the cabin (typical for all of the  mountain cabins that are high-up that we’ve ever been to) – I love that intriguing element!  (I’d hate it if I were the driver!)  We pulled-up to Miss Bee Haven @ 8:57p!!  



The owner had left a couple of lights on in the house (that helped us to find the cabin as there was no sign) & it was so very cute!!  This is Floyd’s initial pic!  Yeah, he does good! 





We had none of our own groceries, but all we really needed was coffee for a morning start.  I’d brought some Keurig pods from home, but it’s important to know that all Airbnb-type rentals that we’ve ever been to don’t have Keurig’s, but have drip coffee makers.  I was wishful thinking, & I’ll usually mssg the owner ahead of time to check, but not this time.  Miss Bee Haven actually had coffee, sugar & a few flavored creamers in the fridge.   It was also a very clean cabin.

The cabin also had several extra touches, too!  It literally had everything that you could possibly need for a stay except for some super bubbly bubble bath.  Spices, foil, trash bags, a ton of extra towels hanging in the bathroom, make-up face cloths, iron & board, washer & dryer with detergent, dish liquid, a good amount of pots & pans, etc.  It really was the best rental we’ve ever done as far as a ton of necessities being there.  The beds were also super comfortable.  


It takes about 25min to get up & down the mountain, & there were also quite a few restaurants in Brevard.  We ventured out the next day to have some delicious Thai food @ Love Eat Thai Kitchen.  Y’all, oh my goodness!! If I had a pic of me licking my fingers, I’d insert it here!  It was THE BEST THAI FOOD that I’d  had since we were in Thailand!  There were also a few different things on the menu that we tried.   Our future mountain cabin rentals may definitely be in Brevard so that I can eat there again!!   AND since Floyd always says ‘I don’t know moderation’, I had to have TWO mango sticky rice desserts – 1 to eat there & 1 for later that night, smh!  

Notice that Mango Sticky Rice!! Oh my goodness!!

We had a restful, quiet but ‘working’ Memorial Day w/e… I was working hard on Ms Sassy Travels.   My site’s been built for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been adding posts, coming-up with new ideas & trying to make my own tweaks w/o having to send every request or change to the website builder… & it’s been an absolute intense, time consuming & most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do.  Because I didn’t know @ all what I was doing with WordPress & Elementor…  I do know a little bit of stuff now.  YouTube, Google, self taught, lol.  I’m still going to need to hire someone to ‘tighten it all up’ & do other necessary things to get it ‘popping‘, lol, but it’s been a COMPLETE labor of love & has taken me HOURS to make my own tweaks, smh.  I’m shooting for a ‘go live’ tonight (Saturday 6-4-22)!


Yep, I had to work @ the restaurant!



And to think that I almost didn’t get into the outdoor, clawfoot tub because I was so busy writing blogs.  Floyd encouraged me to hurry & ‘put my face on’ (make-up), lol, so we wouldn’t miss the Golden Hour‘.  He’s always talking about that ‘golden hour’!  So I super quickly put on my face (I did good for a rushed job!) & barely made it for the good lighting!  I have always remind him to take pictures on our Iphones in the live photo mode so that I can pick & screenshot different angles from a certain pic.  The link above doesn’t actually describe what I’m talking about, but it’s an interesting link of another way to use the live photo mode, too.  Needless to say, he got a few pretty good pics of me in the tub!!


I love him bc he’s so silly, too!
As time off notoriously does… ALWAYS going by so quickly.  It was then time to head back home.  On the way out, we stopped for breakfast at a great little spot called Grammy’s (tripAdvisor).  Idk why these good restaurants don’t have websites.  They’re important & don’t cost a ton of $!  The wait was a bit long for a place that wasn’t packed (we later found out), but it was delicious & the service was great!  It actually was all about the cheese & eggs for me, but everything else was really good…  Except I needed to be tasting grits like the Flying Biscuit’s ‘creamy, dreamy grits’, here in Raleigh!  But we’ll surely eat here again when in Brevard!
Thanks so much for reading!
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