This is my current travel obsession! Away luggage bags & Béis straps! Carry-on only for a 20 day int'l trip! #tooCute
A hand luggage scale w the black clasp (top) is a must to prevent overweight bags! Get yours here!
I'm obsessed & that's me! My absolute must have travel essential! Built-in eye mask is #dark&comfy! Get 10% off of your 1st order!
Wherever I go, I never leave home w/o Shout Wipes! They work very well for ALL the little messes!
I still have to blog while I'm away so this laptop desk is small, lightweight & is the perfect size for my 12" MacBook.
Most high-end hotels will give you 1 make-up wipe, but surely your staying much longer... Right?
Béis bags are super nice & you can get custom, thick plastic covers for protection to keep them looking pretty! I always carry ‘My Béis Bags’ if I’m checking luggage............ Use this referral link to get $15 off of $100! Yaaay, you'll love your Béis! #yeahBaby HTTP://RWRD.IO/NH87VPQ
Tiny razor with full sized results… AND you do NOT even need shaving cream!! I promise you!!
Everyone needs to look @ their 'falsies' or the back of their bald head! This travel mirror is lightweight & so portable
This was an Amazon freebie - It's super slim as everything folds flat, very lightweight & charges quickly! I LOVE traveling with it!
This 'Halfday Garment Duffel' was a great find recently! I ordered 1 for the both of us for a long w/e trip to Tx, but specifically for Floyd's suit. The duffels were completely STUFFED & his suit... #NoWrinkles! Use my link below for 20% OFF ANY PURCHASE from Halfday!
Packing cubes are the best when traveling. Keeps your stuff compact, organized & they really hold so much! Shacke Pak, where've you been all my traveling life???!!!
I've looked for travel covers for my makeUp brushes for some time. So happy when I found these & they work perfectly!
This electronic toothbrush carrying case is very compact & doesn't take up a ton of space! We stopped using manual brushes so our Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean comes, too! #cleanChoppers
Travel bag/ diaper bag/ whatever bag... Either way, I love this bag! This smaller size BAG can fit 2 laptops & then some! 38 diff colors! Thanks, Emilee, for putting me on!
This 'Turtle' Neck rest works fabulously & I sleep just as well as this lady, but I'm pretty sure that the less expensive one is a great dupe, too!
Traveling outside of your country & you want to charge you stuff? Then you must have an international plug adapter! I love this 1 bc it comes with a protective case, works in >200 countries, including quite a few in Africa!
I like this, too, & it looks like it would work well for make-up brushes when traveling!
Another recent bag find! #Ikea This is a fairly large backpack! It has 2 inner sections - the back section is waterproof. 27" long bag when the top is unrolled! I do love it!
My Icewear hat from Iceland was such a #fashionstatement & so warm when we did our 'Arctic Circle Tour'!
Probs works just as great & is a tad cheaper!
I've normally travel with a small Bose, but this is my go to travel speaker now. Lightweight, big on sound & easy on the pockets! Oh, & it's supes cute!
Bought this jewelry cleaner on a whim when I was searching for a travel size. Got these wipes & they'll be super easy to travel with. The cleaner sits on my bathroom sink, is thick & requires literally one, tiny drop! @ 3.3oz, it will last foreverrrrrrr! They both make my jewels sparkle beautifully!
My current 'Carry-On' obsession! Has a charging port on the outside w removable battery! Isn't she so pretty in pink?! Copy & paste this referral code for $20 off of your purchase!
Bought these silicone tubes bc I'm obsessed with this Aquafresh Toothpaste & it must ALWAYS roll with us! 3oz, TSA approved & the perfect amt of squeeze!
Don't want to iron on vacay? You don't have to! Smooth & go! I PROMISE IT WORKS!
Been obsessed w these light-up mirrors in hotels foreverrrrrrrrr! Now I have 1 @ home! LOVE THIS!
So glad I bought this for our current trip! Kept my 🍎 watch completely charged-up!,

When I’m not working on travel shenanigans, I LOVE being silly with Floyd, eating different Asian foods (mango sticky rice!), #MilkLab treats & coming-up w MORE….. travel shenanigans!